Have Questions About Acryfin Acrylic Polymer Coatings?

Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) about ACRYFIN® Acrylic Polymer Coatings. If you have a question about our protective coating and sealant that is not addressed below, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.
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What are the costs associated with an ACRYFIN® coating?

The cost depends on the job; meaning how much time it will take, how much protective coating and sealant is necessary, labor, pressure washing,  exterior paint, etc. Many times the larger the job, the lower the cost per square foot, depending on the condition of the surface being treated. This is why on-site estimates are required. Also, all markets are different; Consult your local ACRYFIN® dealer for an estimate.

How long does ACRYFIN® last?

ACRYFIN® comes with a 10 year warranty from separating from the surface it's applied to when applied by one of our dealers. That being said, if it's a private residence and doesn't see a lot of traffic, it will last even longer! A “service" coat can be added on top of the existing coat whenever the customer requests.

What colors does ACRYFIN® come in?

The color can be any paint color the customer desires.

What are the surfaces that ACRYFIN® doesn’t coat?

ACRYFIN® cannot be used on any surface previously coated with epoxies, nor on PVC or plastics. Sappy wood must be completed sanded down before applying ACRYFIN® wood coating.

How long does ACRYFIN® take to dry?

Three to Four days, however it cures enough for foot traffic within a few hours.

What is the difference between ACRYFIN® and other coatings that can be purchased at a home improvement retailer?

ACRYFIN® is an industrial-grade product developed with more polymers than competitive products. Our formulas have more resin and fluorine than competitive products. The material is formulated specifically to address problems associated with outdoor wood coatings and concrete coatings in hostile environments. Also, our Primer ensures a bond to the substrate and provides a surface for our coatings to adhere to. ACRYFIN® is recommended to be professionally installed by one of our certified dealers. Our dealers take moisture readings, inspect the substrate, and monitor weather conditions to assure customers of the best deck paint coating on the market.

Our dealers are also local, so any issues can be resolved personally and immediately.

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