Troubleshooting Acryfin

ACRYFIN® Troubleshooting Guide

Below you will find a guide for troubleshooting some of the areas of concern your customer may have about the application of their ACRYFIN® Acrylic Polymer Coating. If your concern is not addressed below, please contact us for a one-on-one consultation.

Issue: Product starts to set up in bucket either while mixing or while installing.
Fix: Too much air got into mixture while mixing either by mixing too long or not keeping blade submerged. Add one half cup of STX and remix until smooth again. Consider leaving out 1-2 lbs of aggregate when mixing and this will help keep product from setting up. If air temp is above 90 degrees this is the main cause of product setting up.

Issue: White powdery substance rises to top of surface a few days after install.
Fix: This sometimes happens with aggregate but should wear off in a few more days.

Issue: Product does not have consistent appearance and instead is rough in some areas.
Fix: Use smooth roller strokes and try not to go back and forth while applying.

Issue: Boards have gaps and customer is concerned that product will not get into gaps and cover all bare wood.
Fix: Tint primer with paint and dab into gaps to cover all bare wood. A small compressor/sprayer works the best for this. To touch up after coating add one qt. of resin to 1 gallon on paint and use brush to get in between boards.

Issue: Product has an alligator skin-like appearance after it has dried.
Fix: This means the first coat was applied too thick and did not dry thoroughly prior to second coat. Try to apply another thin coat to problem areas.

Issue: Rusty nail heads have bled through.
Fix: Prior to installation the nail heads should have be sprayed with Rustoleum primer. If nail heads have bled through try spraying them with Rustoleum and add another coat of product to troubled areas.