Acryfin Acrylic Polymer Coatings Testimonials

We invite you to read our testimonials from dealers and retail consumers who have used ACRYFIN ® Acrylic Polymer Coatings on their decks, docks, and concrete surfaces.

I have never been as enthused about selling a product or providing a service as I am now with this new product that Atlantic Resurfacing has created called Acryfin™. Having founded the company and patented the product, John and Johnny have the entrepreneurial know-how to help others achieve success the way they have with a product that they believe in.

With their energized support, we are now hitting the Orlando market, introducing Acryfin™ to Central Florida businesses and residents. They’ve shared not only their marketing strategies but also their time and energy in traveling to Orlando for three days to launch the new product at the Orlando Boat Show. They’ve made it clear they’re with us 100%, and with their ingenious business model and backup support, we’re going to be expanding in the near future!

Dealer - Jalel Bagga, Central Florida Resurfacing - Orlando, FL

John and Johnny are true entrepeneurs and they have a great product! Acryfin has turned out to be just what we were looking for and not only that but the dealer support that the guys give is fantastic. From field issues to marketing tips they really go out of their way to help us make our business successful. This past February Johnny even came to our area and spent 2 days in our booth at the Greenville Boat Show. They have a simple yet ingenious business model and it is working!

Dealer - Bob Haynie, Columbia, SC

I met John Kicklighter approximately 2 years ago through a mutual friend. He gave me a call and we talked about this Acryfin™ coating system he had developed. I was immediately impressed with the coating applications of this product. I drove up to Charleston, SC and went out to a job that John was currently working on, to say the least I was amazed see how this product works. It actually does everything he said it would do. Fills in the cracks, has a non-skid factor and looks awesome when installed over old wood.

I was sold, I started getting my LLC set up and going to people I knew with docks to sell some of my first jobs. It does have a little bit of learning curve in the installation process but what new job/business doesn't.

I have been working full time at my business for the past year and have installed over 30,000 sf of Acryfin™ coatings during that time. Every time I finish a job the costumer says the same thing "It looks Awesome, I Love it" My business is steadily growing with every job I complete. I am looking at doing in the range of 40,000 sf for the 2014 calendar year.

Dealer - Chris Persicketti, Coastal Resurfacing - Satellite Beach, FL