Acryfin Installation

ACRYFIN® Installation Procedures

Below are the step-by-step instructions for the installation and application of ACRYFIN® Acrylic Polymer Coatings.

Wood Application
Cool Weather (40°-70° F)
  1. Make arrangements with customer to pressure wash at least 2 days prior to installation. The purpose of this is to remove all mildew, dirt, old paint and loose particles that may inhibit coating to adhere. While doing the pressure washing tap down all loose nail heads.
  2. Apply primer to clean, dry wood and let sit until no tackiness. (Usually 30 – 40 minutes).
  3. In 5 gallon bucket mix 1 gallon of SATIN EXTERIOR ACRYLIC PAINT with 1 gallon of Acryfin® resin with a high speed paddle bit mixer. After 30 seconds of mixing paint and resin, continue mixing and add aggregate at a moderately slow rate. After all aggregate has been added to paint and resin, continue mixing for 4-5 minutes. Let sit for about 1 minute then continue mixing for another 1-2 minutes.
  4. Make sure that all white particles are not clumping together. The mixture should be nice, thin and easy to apply.
  5. Cut in using brushes or rollers. When ready to apply to main area, use ¾” nap roller covers.
  6. Make sure all voids and cracks are filled with roller or brush with the first coat.
  7. After the first coat is dry to touch, apply second coat using same method as first coat (coverage should be greater on the second coat).
  8. The curing time should be 2-3 days. Keep furniture, pets, plants, etc off until completely cured.
Warm Weather (70°-90° F) 
  1. Apply primer and mixing instructions as above. After first coat of Acryfin® has been applied, make sure the substrate is not too hot to apply second coat. This will occur if when applying the second coat you will see the product not bonding to the first coat in a smooth, easy manner. If this occurs, let the substrate cool (possibly overnight) and then apply second coat.
  2. The curing time should be 4-7 days. Keep furniture, pets, plants, etc off until completely cured.
  3. Clean-up to be done with fresh water.
Concrete Application
  1. Apply primer to clean, dry concrete area. Let sit overnight.
  2. Mix Acryfin® as described above, however you may use all or partial bag of aggregate depending on the course of existing surface. If it is a slick surface, first etch with muratic acid, pressure wash, let dry and apply primer and let sit overnight.
  3. Apply the coating as above using 3/8” to ½” nap roller covers. Do not apply a thick coating to concrete surface. Let first coat dry to the touch and then apply second coat.
  4. Curing time should be 4-7 days depending on heat and humidity. The hotter the weather the longer the curing time.
Download Installation Procedures PDF